It’s uphill from now on!

28 Dec

Not one to been supporting religious mumbo jumbo here’s a nice pic from the winter solstice festival at Stonehenge from earlier this week!

Go around many cities, towns and villages in the Netherlands and you’ll see “Christmas” lights and wreaths still adorning doors long after we’ve put them up in the loft. Reason being its got sod all to do with Jesus, its an ancient way of either celebrating or revering the darkest part of the year, looking forward to it slowly getting lighter each day and the coming of the crop cycle. I said cycle not circle.

Anyway back to the Druids at Stonehenge. As much as the current festive season has been hijacked by christianity, Stonehenge has been hijacked by people in white sheets and as much as the powers that be like to see them parading round the stones on the shortest and longest day of the year its all baloney. That said I’m quite pleased to see that they’ve been allowed inside the wire fence and I hope that its not exclusive to the bed sheet brigade. Not been there for a good eight years or so and I’m enjoying “Hengeworld” by Mike Pitts very much!

Stonehenge was built to answer questions, to probe our relationship with the wilderness of the skies and to be a place of celebration in whatever style is current, not so much of that these days but as far as dark nights go its uphill from here!

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