Dum de Dum de…

25 Mar

We missed the Archers this morning, bit of a late night and what with putting the clocks forward. Anyway the cast of the Archers seem to have visited us or at least close to where we live as you can see by the below photograph!

All Bedford Conservative Councillors namely John Gambold in the nice scalf, recently done for drink driving so he will have walked there, the big bloke leaning on the gate is top of the range Land Rover driver Tom Wootton who would struggle to walk anywhere and the other is Cllr Alison Field Foster looking very stylish with her collar up, no sign of her horse as they stand near the abbottoir and sewage works.

Now they are campaigning for a gypsy site to be built there and I’m very much in a minority round these parts in agreeing that it could make a good location however the three rural visitors, unlike me, don’t actually live near the location and I bet their intention is to ensure that having found one location for travellers in Bedford, the council don’t start looking at sites in their own wards.

There was a meeting in our village hall a year or so back in which I sat surrounded by howling “they’ll steal our stuff” types  and any hope of any common sense in finding a suitable site for travellers vanished. One dickhead who has since set up a sort of gypsy focussed version of HomeWatch had a view that crime would soar as the site would only be two miles over the fields from the Manor House although as we locals know there’s several seriously large drainage ditches and a quarry (rave on!) to cirumnavigate so that one goes in the bin as far as people sprinting off with your telly is concerned.

Local MP Alistair Burt turned up to advise the pitchfork mob that comments about dirty thieving stinking travellers wouldn’t have any sway on the planners and could land the sender in trouble and to be fair to our MP he did a good job at calming the nazi end of the spectrum down mostly by the threat of the police becoming involved.

Like I said, given one or two tweaks Meadow Lane could be a useful location for a gypsy site although the presence of a 24/7 slaughterhouse and a pervading stench from the sewage farm over the back on hot days don’t suit the “Meadow Lane” tag. So while I have no problems with any future use for travellers I do think a better perspective could be sought. The three Ambridge types above may agree providing its not near them, or more likely near the people that vote for them.

One Response to “Dum de Dum de…”

  1. CommuterRant March 26, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

    Even though this site in Bromham, we in Great Denham have been petitioned by Biddenham residents to join in their petition/rage/outrage.

    It is a weird one this though, the very nature of being a traveller surely means that you are not tied to a fixed abode? I don’t know how these sites work though. Are travellers allowed to stay for say 6 months and then have to move on?

    Of course they need somewhere to go and a specified site is indeed the way to go. What I don’t like is them turning up on public land (usually nice parks), parking up and spreading litter, dog shit and general thievery.

    However, if there is a permanent site guaranteed for “travellers” then surely they have to pay some kind of council tax for this? As I see it, council will provide refuse collections and a few other services. Again, I don’t know what these are but why should some pay and others not?

    So if there is a permanent site, make sure they pay something towards it. I certainly won’t be protesting it with my outraged conservative neighbours🙂

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